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Business owners know that time is money and trying to manage your own IT infrastructure can cost you both. When you are spending time trying to tackle stubborn computer or network issues you are losing time running your business which ultimately affects your bottom line. This is where we can help. Aspen PC offers a wide range of products and services to take the hassle out of IT management so that you can get back to business and pursuing your passion.

With our flexible pricing plans and scaling support services we can manage the IT needs of your business small or large, and grow with your company to ensure that you have the support you need, when you need it, at a cost that is right for you.

Whether you run a small home based business with 1 computer, or an office with multiple servers, and workstations, Aspen PC has the expertise and services to fit your needs, whatever they may be.

  • Proven scalability and reliability.

  • Cost effective solutions.

  • Flexible pricing plans.

  • One on one support.

  • Windows based environments.

  • Mac based environments.

  • Remote support options.

  • Data security & protection.

Below is a list of the business IT services and solutions that we offer.  Please note that not all of our services are listed. If you do not see a specific service listed here please contact us with any inquiries you may have, or check out our frequently asked questions.

Network Infrastructure Management.

  • Networks that work.
  • Network infrastructure can be the most important and yet overlooked part of any business. Network infrastructure is what connects your computers and devices to each, other and your business to the world. When your network goes down it can be very difficult for business to continue if at all. Network congestion, intermittent WiFi signals, network shares and printers that are there one minute and gone the next can all wreak havoc on your businesses productivity and when your business isn’t productive, your business isn’t profiting.

    From planning and installation, to maintenance and upgrading, Aspen PC is with you every step of the way to ensure that your network, and ultimately your business runs smoothly.

Remote Management & Support.

  • Peace of mind, any time.
  • Remote management and support can be a crucial prat of not only keeping your business running, but running smoothly and efficiently. The ability to have a technician connect to a troubled system and identify and resolve problems within minutes can be an invaluable asset and offer huge cost savings to a company when compared to staffing and overseeing an in house IT department. Many times In small and medium sized businesses the role of IT department is either inherited by the owner or is passed on to one of the employees. This can create downtime and lost productivity.

    Our remote support services can significantly reduce downtime and increase productivity by taking the burden off of your hands. With a simple phone call we can connect to your computer or server within minutes and resolve most issues without ever having to come to your office and interrupt your workflow. Our remote management services also allow you to be proactive in maintaining your business infrastructure by leaving the work to us. With scheduled inspections and maintenance on your network connected devices we can keep your business running optimally and inform you of any potential issues before they become problems.

Virtualization Technology.

  • Security redundancy and scalability.
  • Virtualization technology can be used to bring security, scalability, and redundancy to your business with huge cost savings over buying separate workstations and servers for performing different roles and tasks within your business infrastructure. The ability to replicate entire computers in a virtual environment not only brings unparalleled redundancy to prevent data loss, but also drastically decreases workstation and server deployment time as well huge energy cost savings when compared to running separate machines for each roll. Imagine being able to run multiple application servers and desktop interfaces on just one machine with the ability to replicate or deploy new instances with a few click of a mouse. These are just some of the benefits that virtualization can bring to your business.

    Whether you are looking to implement a new virtualization solution, or to manage an existing virtual server, Aspen PC has the knowledge and expertise to help your business with its virtualization needs.

Data Redundancy & Disaster Recovery.

  • Data protection that you can count on.
  • Your data is your business and when your data is lost, in most cases so is your business. All too often small businesses do not have an adequate plan for data loss prevention and disaster recovery which is where we can help. Aspen PC works with you and your business to identify your data loss prevention needs and level of redundancy.

    From offsite daily backups to onsite central file management with raid redundancy, we can create a disaster recovery plan to ensure that in any unforeseen event, whether it be a fire, flood, or electronic and mechanical failure, your data never gets lost and your business gets be back up and running with minimal down time.

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